March 01, 2007

Health insurance for companion animals can be almost as confusing as human health insurance, but it also can come in handy—particularly for an animal owner whose companion develops a major medical condition.

Companion Animals

ASPCA dispels common misconceptions related to poisons Printer-friendly version In preparation for the annual National Poison Prevention Week, to be held March 18-24, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reminds veterinarians and pet owners of the more common misconceptions related to poisons. The ASPCA reported the following: False: If eaten, poinsettias are deadly. Poinsettia ingestions typically induce only mild to moderate irritation in the gastrointestinal tract of pets. Keeping the plant out of reach to avoid stomach upset is a good idea, but pet owners don't need to banish poinsettias from their homes for fear of a fatal exposure. False: Swiffer WetJets contain an ingredient similar to antifreeze, and causes ...


Less than two weeks after the 110th Congress convened, a bipartisan group of legislators in the House and Senate introduced a measure banning horse slaughter for human consumption.