February 15, 2010

Over 40 years ago two veterinarians, one black and one white, came together in veterinary practice, in their common cause of equality and inclusion and, soon, in a lasting friendship.


Issues ranging from AVMA finances to the acquisition of cats and dogs used for research, testing, and education were on the agenda of the AVMA House of Delegates regular winter session Jan. 9 in Chicago.

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Posted Feb. 1, 2010 The American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists has updated its guidelines for monitoring anesthetized veterinary patients. The document now includes sections on body temperature, neuromuscular blockade, and recovery period as well as a section on monitoring sedated patients. The ACVA developed its original recommendations on anesthetic monitoring in 1994, and the JAVMA published them in 1995. The old and new guidelines cover the topics of circulation, oxygenation, ventilation, record keeping, and personnel. The benchmark for measuring a successful anesthetic outcome has shifted from a lack of anesthetic mortality toward a decrease in anesthetic morbidity, according to the ACVA statement prefacing the 2009 guideline ...