February 01, 2018

Minuscule amounts of fentanyl can cause overdoses in the same police dogs that show no clinical signs while sniffing for heroin. Sporadic reports of listless or collapsing police dogs have pushed police departments to stock opioid reversal for their dogs and to train their officers how to identify and treat overdoses.


The AVMA has revamped its discount program to meet the professional and personal needs of AVMA and Student AVMA members across generations. As of mid-January, the Association planned to launch AVMA Member Edge in late January or early February.


Veterinarians in Puerto Rico have reopened clinics and provided services beyond their communities despite slow progress in repairs to utilities.


Dr. Susan Little finds the lives of parasites to be fascinating. Nevertheless, as a veterinarian, she wants them dead. Much of veterinary practice revolves around parasitology, but the discipline can get short shrift in the breadth of the curricula at veterinary colleges. The National Center for Veterinary Parasitology at Oklahoma State University seeks to preserve the discipline for the profession, said Dr. Little, NCVP co-director.