August 15, 2015

A decade has passed since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005, breaking levees and flooding much of the area. The memories are still vivid for local veterinarians and for veterinarian responders—as are the lessons. Local veterinarians and other residents of the area learned firsthand that a hurricane evacuation is not just a drill, so people need to take pets along. Veterinarian responders, who included locals, learned firsthand what happens when people do not or cannot take pets along.


As AVMA vice president Dr. Rebecca Stinson is the Association’s representative to the Student AVMA and student chapters. She listens to their concerns, which she relays to AVMA leadership. Dr. Stinson spoke to JAVMA News about the first half of her term and the year ahead.


At least 75 dogs in Georgia, most around Atlanta, were infected with an H3N2 canine influenza virus following a larger outbreak this spring in the Chicago area. Pharmaceutical companies have been developing vaccines against the strain, and recent analysis indicates existing vaccines designed to protect against H3N8 strains are unlikely to provide substantial cross-protection against the H3N2 strain.