January 01, 2015

As part of the ongoing refinement of the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, late last year the Association hosted a symposium where best practices for euthanasia were examined and research directed at refining those practices was explored.


If or when another dog owner in the United States becomes ill with Ebola, health officials will be able to turn to recommendations on dog quarantine from an AVMA working group. The working group developed interim guidance for quarantine of dogs and cats exposed to human patients with Ebola and for management of pets belonging to people who have had contact with infected patients. The documents provide background on the disease in animals as well as protocols for health officials.


Short-term opportunities for volunteering abroad offer many rewards for veterinarians, from making an immediate difference in the lives of animals and people to gaining new perspectives for managing challenges. Two veterinarians described their experiences while performing volunteer work in the Dominican Republic and Botswana with two of the many nonprofit organizations that provide such opportunities.


When the types of antimicrobials important for human medicine are sold for use in farm animals, only a small portion require a veterinarian’s signature for purchase. Little of the volume of such drugs sold now will be available over the counter two years from now, however. Figures published in a report by the Food and Drug Administration show that about 3 percent of the drugs that are both used to combat infections in humans and used in food-producing animals now require prescriptions or similar veterinary feed directives for sale. But about 94 percent were distributed for use in livestock feed or water, and all such uses will require veterinarian oversight or be prohibited within the next two years.


The article “The Generation Factor” in the Nov. 1, 2014, issue of JAVMA News, page 974, listed Dr. Erin Epperly as being from Lynchburg, Virginia. She is from Fowler, Colorado.