September 01, 2013

Too few pets, particularly cats, are visiting veterinary clinics, according to groups trying to increase their preventive care. A survey of cat owners by Bayer HealthCare found that fewer than half of cats in the U.S. receive annual checkups, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners developed guidance intended to show the value of annual visits and decrease the stress of such visits on cats and cat owners. The Partners for Healthy Pets program also is starting a $5.5 million advertising campaign that will promote yearly checkups as being as “essential as food and love” for dogs and cats.


Thousands of veterinary professionals enjoyed top-notch continuing education programming and entertainment as part of the historic 150th AVMA Annual Convention held in Chicago this July. In honor of the AVMA’s sesquicentennial anniversary, festivities and educational sessions were held throughout the convention. “This year’s convention looked at the origins of organized veterinary medicine in the United States, considered the amazing technology and medicine of the present, and imagined the wonders of the days yet to come,” observed Dr. Ron Banks, chair of the AVMA Convention Management and Program Committee.


The CATalyst Council has launched an initiative in the Portland, Ore., metro area to provide cats in animal shelters with permanent homes and regular postadoption veterinary care.


Nonprofit health care provider Kaleida Health had announced this past year that it would fill one of its unused hospitals with a veterinary school. Real estate developer Chason Affinity had been in talks with DeVry to create a veterinary teaching hospital for Ross University students, among other things, but talks fell through recently.