Product Safety Recalls and Alerts

Lot Code
Cantrell Drug CompanySelect sterile products by Cantrell Drug Companylack of sterility assuranceClick on product name to left for complete list11/21/16
Tri-Coast Pharmacy Inc. Select sterile products by Tri-Coast Pharmacylack of sterility assuranceClick on product name to left for complete list11/21/16
Wells Pharmacy Network Wells Pharmacy Network, all sterile products lack of sterility assuranceall9/23/16
Kinetic TechnolgiesHy-Optic Eye Irrigating Solutiondeficiencies in sterilityLot # 10092015,  Exp. Date 10/20179/3/16
Kinetic TechnolgiesOptiVet Eye Irrigating Solutiondeficiencies in sterility Lot # 12032015, Exp. Date 07/20179/3/16
Kinetic TechnolgiesOptimend Corneal Repair Dropsdeficiencies in sterilityLot # 01122015,  Exp. Date 10/20179/3/16
TevaTeva Pharmaceuticals amikacin sulfate 250mg/ml, 2ml and 4ml vialsglass particulate matter2ml vials: lots 7080315, 7400315, 7410315 (exp dates 3/2017)
2ml vials: lot 7980415 (exp date 4/2017)

4ml vials: lots 2381114 and 2771114 (exp dates 11/2016)
4ml vials: lot 4760915 (exp date 9/2017)
Reliable Drug PharmacyReliable Drug Pharmacy, all compounded productslack of quality assurance and potential mislabelingThis recall impacts all compounded products distributed between 09/24/2015 and 03/24/2016.3/28/16
HospiraHospira 8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate Injection, USPpresence of a particulate Lot 56-148-EV, Expiry 1AUG20173/21/16
TevaAmikacin sulfate injection, 250mg/mLParticulate matter4750915, Expiration Date 9/20173/10/16
I.V. Specialty Ltd.All sterile products by I.V. Specialty Ltd.lack of sterility assurance3/9/16
Baxter0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation, USP, 500 mL Plastic Pour Bottle solutionpresence of particulate matterLot G120162, expiration 11/30/20182/18/16
Baxter0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, 100mL potential for leaking containers and particulate matterLot code P337857; expiration date 07/31/2016  AND lot number P328997; expiration date 01/31/20161/27/16
BaxterMetronidazole Injection, USP 500mg/100mLpotential for leaking containers and particulate matterLot number P339135; expiration date 08/31/20171/27/16
BaxterClinimix E 5/15 (5% AA w/Electrolytes in 15% Dextrose w/Calcium)potential for leaking containers and particulate matterLot code P333930; expiration date 05/31/20171/27/16
BaxterBaxter 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, 250 mL potential presence of particulate matterLot number C980227; expiration date 11/30/20161/5/16
Baxter Baxter 70% Dextrose Injection (2000 mL) USPpotential presence of particulate matterLot number C985150; expiration date 7/31/2016