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Protecting Veterinary Medicine

Help rural communities get needed veterinary care

Ranchers and farmers depend on veterinarians to ensure herd health and a safe food supply. But many rural areas lack access to veterinary care. Congress can change this by passing the VMLRP Enhancement Act.


Proposed law would mandate prescription writing

The so-called Fairness to Pet Owners Act would require veterinarians to give written copies of every prescription for companion animals, whether or not a client requests it.

Professional Issues

Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith
Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith

Ebola virus – AVMA's working to find answers for you

Get the latest information on Ebola. AVMA is collaborating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), other agencies, experts and tapping into the broad expertise of our members to develop information for our members and the pet-owning public.

Pet Food / Product Recalls and Alerts

Pet Food / Product Recalls and Alerts

Get the latest information on recalls and alerts issued regarding pet and animal feeds, including dog and cat foods and treats as well as feeds for livestock, poultry and other species.

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Tramadol to Be a Controlled Substance

The DEA has announced that tramadol will become a Schedule IV controlled substance on Aug. 18, 2014. We have information to help you make sure you're in compliance.