House elects committee, council members and names liaison

At its regular annual session in June, the AVMA House of Delegates elected individuals to AVMA committees and councils and named a liaison representative. The results are as follows.

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee
Dr. Cara Field, Sausalito, California, representing aquatic animal conservation medicine; Dr. Hugh Mitchell, Kirkland, Washington, representing corporate or laboratory aquatic veterinary medicine

Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues
Dr. Michael Neault, Columbia, South Carolina, representing National Assembly of State Animal Health Officials

Convention Education Program Committee
Dr. Douglas Ensley, Santa Maria, California, food animal/equine section manager; Dr. Heather Berst, San Diego, professional development section manager

Early Career Development Committee
Dr. Naomi Hoyer, Peachtree, Georgia, representing faculty members

Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG)
Dr. Nagaleelavathi Sompura Papareddy, Asheville, North Carolina, representing non-native English-speaking clinical practitioners holding an ECFVG certificate

Food Safety Advisory Committee
Dr. Stephanie Ringler, Fort Collins, Colorado, representing American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners; Dr. Catherine Stollen, Rochester Hills, Michigan, representing American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, alternate

Steering Committee on Human-Animal Interactions
Dr. Megan LaFollette, Arvada, Colorado, expert on the impact on the human (i.e. how human-animal attachment type and strength impacts the wellbeing of people); Dr. Virginia Corrigan, Knoxville, Tennessee, veterinarian or scientist with expertise in domestic animal relationships (animals used for companionship, research, food, work, recreation), alternate

Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents
Drs. Joseph Bertone, Buena Vista, Colorado, and Stephanie Montgomery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at-large representatives; Dr. Marike Visser, Kalamazoo, Michigan, representing industry, exclusive; Dr. Kenneth Pawlowski, Mather, California, representing private clinical practice, predominantly small animal

Council on Public Health
Drs. Boyd Parr, Newberry, South Carolina; Douglas Meckes, Apex, North Carolina; and Angelina Williams, Germantown, Maryland, representing animal health

Council on Research
Drs. Susan Tornquist, Corvallis, Oregon, and Joshua Stern, Raleigh, North Carolina, representing colleges of veterinary medicine

Council on Veterinary Service
Drs. Kelly Cooper, Oregon City, Oregon, and Melanie Marsden, Colorado Springs, Colorado, representing private practice, exclusively small animal; Dr. Madeline Zurowsky, Angier, North Carolina, representing recent graduates or emerging leaders

AVMA Liaison
Dr. James Kober, West Olive, Michigan, Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee liaison to Council for Agriculture and Science Technology

In addition, six new members joined the AVMA Council on Education this summer. The AVMA Council on Education Selection Committee appointed Dr. Alisha Mason of Lamar, Colorado, to represent private clinical practice; Dr. A’ndrea Van Schoick of Middletown, Virginia, to be an at-large member; Dr. Michael Capel of Geneseo, New York, to represent private food animal clinical practice; Dr. Ignacio Correas of Miami to represent nonprivate, nonacademic veterinary medicine; and Dr. William Gilsenan of Lexington, Kentucky, to represent private clinical practice. And the Council on Education appointed Dr. Roberta Pollack, Los Angeles, to represent the public.