CVTEA proposes changes to accreditation manual

The AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities has made changes to its Accreditation Policies and Procedures Manual for educational programs in veterinary technology and has opened certain accreditation standards for public comment.

The CVTEA made updates to sections of the P&P Manual (PDF) during its Nov. 3-6 meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois.

One change clarified that the 45-day hold or observation period for animals exposed to rabies only applies to vaccinated animals. Information was added that dogs, cats, ferrets, and livestock current on rabies vaccination with an approved U.S. Department of Agriculture–licensed vaccine should be observed and given a booster vaccination immediately.

Veterinary professional examining X-ray of dog on computer at desk
There are currently 223 CVTEA-accredited veterinary technology programs.

As part of its cyclical review of accreditation standards, the CVTEA is accepting comments from the public until March 30 at this survey link.

In one proposed change, the CVTEA would eliminate an appendix on off-campus clinical instruction, electing instead to integrate the wording into the standards’ sections. One proposed addition would state that off-campus providers of instructional support must meet objective requirements set by the program with respect to animal resources.

In other CVTEA news, four veterinary technology programs are expected to close in 2023. The CVTEA continued the voluntary terminal accreditation of Carrington College in Citrus Height, California, which is expected to close in April, and Medaille College in Rochester, New York, which is expected to close in December. Two programs were placed on voluntary terminal accreditation: Broadview University in West Jordan, Utah, with an expected closure in September, and Stanbridge University in Irvine, California, with an expected closure in July.

There are currently 223 CVTEA-accredited veterinary technology programs. Right now, 10 programs are applying for accreditation. See a list of the programs that have completed the application process and have been granted a date for a site visit. The CVTEA allows a maximum of 50 sites visits per year unless approved otherwise.

Finally, the CVTEA announced the hiring of two additional staff members to support veterinarian technician initiatives.

The next CVTEA meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2023.