Bailey, Marshall carry the day

AVMA delegates elect new president-elect, vice president

Updated June 26, 2024

The AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) on June 21 elected Dr. Michael Q. Bailey of Pittsburgh as 2024-25 AVMA president-elect and Dr. Gary A. Marshall of Mercer Island, Washington, as 2024-26 AVMA vice president on the final day of the HOD’s regular session in Austin, Texas. Both candidates ran unopposed and were elected by unanimous consent.

Dr. Bailey is the AVMA’s first Black president-elect and will be the Association’s president when Dr. Sandra Faeh’s term expires in next July during AVMA Convention 2025 in Washington, D.C.


Dr. Michael Q. Bailey, 2024-25 AVMA president-elect
Dr. Michael Q. Bailey, 2024-25 AVMA president-elect

A 1982 graduate of Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Bailey has served on the veterinary faculties of Michigan State University, The Ohio State University, and Tuskegee.

He represented District II (Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) on the BOD from 2017-23 and currently works for Idexx Laboratories as a veterinary radiologist and medical director.

In his comments to the HOD, Dr. Bailey emphasized the importance of AVMA members, describing them as the “backbone” of the Association.

“Your trust in us to lead the AVMA is essential. Still, our success and collective achievements, such as the renowned Journey for Teams, depend on members’ support and active participation,” he said. “Together, we can inspire our colleagues back home to join this journey of service, as their involvement is essential for our collective success and organic growth.”

“You are not just part of the AVMA. We, the members, are the vital symbionts a diverse and dedicated community that sustains and grows our AVMA,” he added.

Dr. Bailey concluded his remarks by encouraging HOD members to review the Association’s Bylaws, which clarify that the AVMA president is more than a figurehead.

“I quote, ‘The president shall be the principal elected officer of the Association.’ This role, entrusted to the office by the members, carries significant responsibility,” Dr. Bailey said. “The president’s actions are accountable not to any specific state, territorial association, allied group, statutory district, or even the Board of Directors, but to every member of the AVMA. By electing this office, you are giving a powerful voice to every member of the AVMA.”

He finished by saying, “I am committed to the Bylaws’ integrity to benefit all AVMA members and to ensure robust, effective, diverse leadership that inspires innovation. I am dedicated to serving the members, our profession, and our AVMA as a voice for every member, ensuring that your voices are heard, valued, and respected.”

Mr. Vice President

Dr. Gary A. Marshall, 2024-26 AVMA vice president
Dr. Gary A. Marshall, 2024-26 AVMA vice president

The AVMA vice president serves a two-year term as a voting member of the AVMA Board and as the Association’s official liaison to the Student AVMA and its student chapters and, by extension, to the veterinary college deans and faculty.

“I truly can’t convey to you how excited I am to become the next AVMA vice president,” Dr. Marshall told the assembly of delegates following his election. “Advocating for the veterinary students at our accredited veterinary colleges is my greatest desire. To do this well, I will need to listen to their voices. To be the best listener, I need to be present and available. I’ve cleared my schedule. I’m available.”

Dr. Marshall recently retired as a feline practitioner but remains an adjunct professor at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where he received his veterinary degree in 1989.

Prior to his election as AVMA vice president, Dr. Marshall was the alternate delegate for Washington State in the HOD. He had also served on the board of directors for both the Washington State VMA and the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative.

Early in the race for 2024-26 AVMA vice president, New Jersey Delegate Dr. Elizabeth Boggier was also campaigning for the office. However, Dr. Boggier suspended her campaign when her husband suddenly became ill. This meant delegates lacked multiple choices for the next vice president, Dr. Marshall observed.

 “You are all so capable and accomplished. Please consider running for office in the future. Having a choice is good,” he said.

Dr. Marshall asked delegates to help him connect with veterinary students and new graduates in their states and to hold him accountable.

“I consider feedback to be a precious gift—positive or negative. It will help me be better,” he said. “The students and the AVMA deserve the very best.”