AVMF seeks applications for veterinary student scholarships, pharmacology grant proposals

The application period is approaching for the American Veterinary Medical Foundation veterinary student scholarship program and is currently open for its grant program for veterinary researchers.

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The first is the Foundation’s Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship Program, which was created in recognition of the AVMF’s long-standing relationship with the AVMA Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary is a nonprofit organization of family and friends of veterinarians whose purpose is to promote the science and art of veterinary medicine through communications, education, and support of those associated with the veterinary profession. The Auxiliary created its student loan fund in 1917 to help veterinary students with the cost of their education by providing low-interest loans. In 2013, the Auxiliary transferred $2 million to the AVMF to establish the scholarship program.

The $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually to U.S. citizens who are students at veterinary colleges in the United States and at AVMA-accredited veterinary colleges at the following foreign universities: the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada, St. George’s University and Ross University in the Caribbean, and the University of Edinburgh, the University of London, and the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. The application period is open from Sept. 1-Oct. 15.

The second AVMF program is a grant opportunity for veterinary clinicians and scientists with an interest in veterinary pharmacology.

The AVMF and the Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation have partnered to fund research grants with a focus on veterinary pharmacology. This funding supports research projects designed to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals. Two types of grants will be awarded if there is an adequate quality of submissions—veterinary pharmacology proposals for up to $30,000 and veterinary pharmacokinetic proposals for up to $15,000.

The application deadline is Sept. 15, and recipients will be notified on Jan. 15, 2023.