American Association of Feline Practitioners - Feb. 1, 2022


Hybrid in-person and virtual annual conference, Phoenix, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2021


The theme of the conference was “Feline Anesthesia, Analgesia, & Surgery.” Continuing education sessions and presentations covered local block techniques, anesthesia for senior cats, perioperative pain management, orthopedic examination, osteoarthritis pain and maladaptive pain, anesthesia and analgesia for endocrine comorbidities, anesthesia for oral and dental disease beyond opioids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, euthanasia sedation protocols, surgery techniques and recommendations, and other topics. Attendees have access to content until June 30, 2022, via the AAFP conference platform and app.


The 2022 annual conference will be held Oct. 27-30 in Pittsburgh. The theme of the conference will be “Enriching Feline Care & the Veterinary Experience: Elevating the Standard of Feline Medical Care & Integrating Cat Friendly Techniques.” The conference will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cat Friendly Practice Program, designed to elevate care for cats by reducing stress for cats, caregivers, and veterinary teams. A survey conducted in 2021 revealed a 99% satisfaction rate with practices that have been designated as cat friendly. Building on the philosophy of the program, the AAFP Cat Friendly Certificate Program is available for individuals within the veterinary community. Information on becoming a cat-friendly practice and the Cat Friendly Certificate Program may be accessed at the AAFP website.


Dr. Meyer
Dr. Michelle Meyer
Dr. Ramdas
Dr. Kira Ramdas

Drs. Michelle Meyer, Sterling Heights, Michigan, president; Kira Ramdas, The Woodlands, Texas, president-elect; Colleen Currigan, Chicago, treasurer and AVMA alternate delegate; Kelly St. Denis, Brantford, Ontario, immediate past president; Marcus Brown, Arlington, Virginia, AVMA delegate and director; and directors—Drs. Ken Lambrecht, Madison, Wisconsin; Cathy Lund, Providence, Rhode Island; Paula Monroe-Aldridge, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dale Rubenstein, Germantown, Maryland; Tammy Sadek, Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Ashlie Saffire, Dublin, Ohio

A version of this article appears in the Feb. 1, 2022, print issue of JAVMA.