Political Action Committee Board

Created by the House of Delegates when the proposed PAC Constitution was approved at the 1978 AVMA Annual Meeting.


  • The Political Action Committee (PAC) Board is responsible for general supervision and control of the PAC
  • In compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act, to raise funds for the purpose of making contributions to the campaigns of candidates for federal public office.
  • To educate the general membership of the AVMA and to promote and encourage an understanding of the political/legislative process.
  • To assist in the implementation of the Board of Directors-approved legislative and regulatory agenda by contacting federal officials and staff via email, phone, fax and/or personal visits while in Washington, DC and/or the home district.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The AVMAPAC Board shall consist of seven members, three at-large members of whom shall be elected by the AVMA Board of Directors, and three of whom shall be elected by the AVMA House Advisory Committee, one from each of the AVMA meeting location zones (Eastern, Midwestern, and Western).The Student American Veterinary Medical Association shall appoint one student to the AVMAPAC Board.

Appointments by the Board of Directors and the House Advisory Committee are for two-year terms ending at the close of the annual AVMA meeting, or when a successor is elected, with no one to serve more than three full consecutive terms. Appointments by the Student American Veterinary Medical Association are for one year.

Interim PAC Board members are appointed by the AVMA Board of Directors, the House Advisory Committee, or the Student American Veterinary Medical Association depending on the position, and shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Candidates for the Board of Directors and House Advisory Committee appointments to the AVMA Political Action Committee Board must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Must be an active AVMA member
  • Must have contributed to AVMAPAC for two full years prior to appointment
  • Must be a member of the AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network
  • Must be willing to commit to monthly conference calls and three in person meetings a year
  • Must be capable, willing, and show an interest in actively fundraising and asking for money from AVMA members for the AVMAPAC
  • Should be active in politics, community affairs or state fundraising

The Student American Veterinary Medical Association appointee must be an active member of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association.

Appointed by Board of Directors: Three members chosen at-large.

Appointed by House Advisory Committee: PAC Area #1, PAC Area #2, PAC Area #3


The PAC Board is allocated budget based on the formula for three 2-day/2-night meetings.  At its discretion, the PAC Board may use this budget to fulfill their charge, but they must stay within the 6-day/6-night formula, and must not meet in-person more than three times a year without prior approval of the Board of Directors.


The AVMA will reimburse PAC Board members for authorized expenses.


The PAC Board provides an annual report to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates at the AVMA Annual Meeting and HOD Regular Annual Session.

Life Expectancy

The PAC Board will be reviewed in compliance with AVMA governance policies.