Council on Veterinary Service

  1. Composition. The Council on Veterinary Service shall consist of ten voting members of the Association representing the following areas of veterinary medical activity:
    1. Private practice, exclusively small animal (two individuals);
    2. Private practice, predominantly equine (one individual);
    3. Private practice, predominantly food animal (one individual);
    4. Private mixed practice (two individuals);
    5. Academic clinical science (one individual);
    6. At-large (one individual); and
    7. Recent graduate or emerging leader (two individuals).
    8. Credentialed veterinary technician (one individual)
  2. Responsibility. The Council on Veterinary Service shall:
    1. Assemble and make available information and recommendations to the veterinary profession with respect to the delivery of service;
    2. Study and suggest means for the delivery of veterinary service to the public;
    3. Investigate matters pertaining to the economic and social aspects of veterinary service;
    4. Collaborate with other entities within the AVMA on matters concerning veterinary service;
    5. Review policies assigned to the Council by AVMA leadership; and
    6. Develop policies and materials pertinent to the delivery of veterinary services.