AVMA/American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives (ASVMAE) Joint Committee

The Board of Directors approved the formation of the AVMA/American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives Joint Committee in 2002 to provide a forum in which the two organizations can share information, discuss emerging issues and other matters of mutual interest, and coordinate efforts and actions to enhance and improve the lines of communication and contribute to the success of the respective memberships.


To identify ways to increase cooperation, communication, and interaction between the AVMA and ASVMAE for the benefit of the membership of both organizations.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The committee will comprise seven members. Four members of the committee represent the AVMA, and three members represent ASVMAE. Each organization will appoint its own representatives. AVMA representatives will be senior staff members appointed by the AVMA Executive Vice President, one from the Communications Division, one from the Membership and Field Services Division, and the Executive Vice President or his designee from the Office of the Executive Vice President. An Board of Directors Member, appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors, will serve as member and Chair of the joint committee for a two year term, renewable for a maximum of four years.

Staff Consultants: The staff consultant will be appointed by the AVMA Executive Vice President.


The chair will be the Board of Directors member of joint committee.


Meetings will be held once each calendar year at AVMA headquarters or in conjunction with a regular meeting of the AVMA House of Delegates.


Travel expenses are authorized for Committee members in accord with AVMA travel policy to attend one meeting (one night, one day meeting) per calendar year.


AVMA representatives will report to the Board of Directors and advise the Board, the House of Delegates, and appropriate councils and committees regarding the actions and activities of the joint committee.

Life Expectancy

The committee will be subject to review in keeping with current AVMA policy.