Board of Directors and AVMA officers

Board of Directors
In this article:
  • Learn about the AVMA Board of Directors (BOD) and the role it plays.
  • Meet the board members and AVMA’s officers.
  • Find out what district you live in and who represents your area on the BOD

The Board of Directors is the administrative body of the AVMA. It determines AVMA's policies within the limits of the association bylaws and promotes the AVMA's mission and strategy. The Board may act for and on behalf of the House of Delegates between House sessions.

The Board has 18 members: the AVMA president, president-elect, immediate past president, vice president, treasurer, one district director from each of the AVMA's 11 geographic districts, the House Advisory Committee (HAC) chair, and the Student AVMA president. Three members are non-voting: the treasurer, HAC chair, and Student AVMA president. The 11 district directors are elected by AVMA member veterinarians residing in each district.