AVMA payment disclosure

Paying by check authorizes the American Veterinary Medical Association to send the information from your check electronically to your bank for payment. Your account will be debited in the amount of your check and the transaction will appear on your bank statement. You will not receive your cancelled check back. If we cannot post the transaction electronically, you authorize us to present a copy of your check for payment.

Payments: Payments must be in U.S. Dollars and drawn on a bank located in the US. Do not send cash. Please do not send post-dated checks. They will be deposited upon receipt. We reserve the right to process checks electronically, at first presentment and any re-presentments, by transmitting the amount of the check, routing number, and account number and check serial number to your financial institution. Your checking account may be debited as soon as the same day we receive your payment. If we cannot collect the funds electronically at first presentment, we may issue a draft against your account for the amount of the check.