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Contact the IVSA Global regional representative: europeativsa [dot] org (europe[at]ivsa[dot]org), if you are a student interested in exchanges in this region. For more specific contact information for a IVSA Member Organization in an area or region, please visit:

Veterinary student exchange opportunities are currently available in the following countries:

If you know of additional opportunities, please savmaieoatgmail [dot] com (contact us) to let us know the details.

Colorado State Veterinary Summer Scholars Program
Experience veterinary medicine in a variety of environments, cultures, and locations. Opportunities abound for service learning, expanding your veterinary skillset, and more. Topics include equine medicine, herd health, public health and food safety, livestock health, shelter medicine, and emergency and critical care.

For more information, please visit the website:


Merial Veterinary Scholarship Program
Participate in a 9 – 11 week research experience in an established laboratory in veterinary schools located in France. See website for FAQs and application process. Application deadline is in December or January each year.

UK and Ireland

Below are externship and internship opportunities in Ireland for students interested in equine medicine and specialty services.

Fethard and Troytown Greyabbey Equine Hospitals
These hospitals offer unique educational experiences for veterinary students and are a great option for equine medicine abroad. Inquire about the application process via their websites.

Fethard Equine Hospital
Troytown Greyabbey Equine Hospital


Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care in Romania
Work alongside a local vet in Brasov, assisting with the treatment and care of domestic animals. Your role as an intern may involve assisting with tasks such as inoculations and operations.

Contact: infoatprojects-abroad [dot] org (info[at]projects-abroad[dot]org) or call 1-888-839-3535

For more information: