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Contact the IVSA Global regional representative: Middle East and North Africa (MENA): menaativsa [dot] org (mena[at]ivsa[dot]org) or Sub-Saharan Africa: subsaharanafricaativsa [dot] org (subsaharanafrica[at]ivsa[dot]org), if you are a student interested in exchanges in this region. For more specific contact information for a IVSA Member Organization in an area or region, please visit:

Veterinary student exchange opportunities are currently available in the following countries:

If you know of additional opportunities, please savmaieoatgmail [dot] com (contact us) to let us know the details.


Veterinary Medicine in Ghana
Volunteer in a veterinary clinic in Kumasi and get involved in administering vaccinations, observing and assisting in operations, laboratory work, post mortems and routine treatments.

Contact: infoatprojects-abroad [dot] org (info[at]projects-abroad[dot]org) or 1-888-839-3535

For more information:

South Africa

African Conservation Experience
Work with experienced wildlife veterinarians and assist in the treatment and handling of African wildlife.

US office located at: 2130 Center Street, Suite 8, Berkeley, CA 94704
Open from 8:30 am - 5 pm (Pacific Time), Monday - Friday.
Phone: +1 510 540 1009

Emails can be submitted online through a form on the ""contact us"" page on website.

Eko Tracks
The veterinary program offers an exciting, hands-on, in-depth and educational experience, taking students behind-the-scenes in the wildlife field in Southern Africa. The expeditions are in the form of a camping safari and lodging, and the duration is around 3 weeks. Students interact with rangers, veterinarians and researchers working in the field, giving them an insight into life, successes and problems associated with conservation in Africa today. Participants also meet and learn from pioneers in game capture and those actively involved in the field of wildlife veterinary science on a day-to-day basis.  It includes a Capture and Care course where students participate in actual game capture operations.

This program has been offered for international students since 1999 and is aimed at students of veterinary science, pre-vet, veterinary technician, wildlife and conservation management as well as students interested in wildlife in general.

At the end of the program students write a test and receive a certificate. For credits, students are encouraged to consult their university.

Read more at or contact:

Phone: 919-234-7906
Cell: 919-800-8514
Fax: 919-363-2251
Email: infoatekotracks [dot] com (info[at]ekotracks[dot]com)

Vets Go Wild
Our 16-day Vet Go Wild module is aimed at students undertaking veterinary and wildlife based programmes at university, providing training in the care of animals at Amakhala Game Reserve and The Addo Elephant National Park both located in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Animals that you are likely to be working hands on with include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe and more. See more at:

Phone: +44 (0) 1483 860560 or email kathrynatworldwideexperience [dot] com (kathryn[at]worldwideexperience[dot]com)
For more information, visit:

Wildlife Vets
Source Tree (Pty) Ltd in association with, prides itself in excellent service delivery and top quality education. Whether you are a student or qualified veterinary practitioner, our courses will match your needs. We can give you the edge you need. Clinical work, community projects and large-scale game capture operations all fall under our network of professionals and services. Our Mission is to apply our veterinary background, experience and networks to contribute and enhance global wildlife conservation through active involvement in all aspects of wildlife management, education, research and development.

Contact can be made via the "Contact/Team" page on the website.

EcoLife Expeditions: Vets-In-The-Wild Expedition
A 22 day program with special interest expedition for pre-veterinary, veterinary technician, veterinary nursing and veterinary science students and\or students interested in this aspect of wildlife management. Meet and interact with veterinarians in the wildlife field. Learn about the crucial role of veterinarians in the growing wildlife industry in southern Africa. Experience game capture operations, as part of the program (no capture drugs are handled by students). The main focus of the program will be on sustainable resource utilization, wildlife diseases, animal rehabilitation, game capture techniques, and veterinary care in rural areas.

Contact: wildatecolife [dot] co [dot] za (wild[at]ecolife[dot]co[dot]za) or visit their website for more information:

SYMCO: International Symposium on Wildlife Utilisation in Southern Africa
The International Symposium on Wildlife Utilization in South Africa (ISWU) is a biennial symposium dealing with veterinary involvement in wildlife management. It serves as a platform for leading speakers, both local and international, in the fields of Veterinary and Natural Sciences, to address veterinary students on a host of wildlife management topics and the role of the veterinarian in wildlife utilization. The next SYMCO will be held in the summer of 2011. Please visit the website for updates about dates, applications, and other information.

Contact: symco [dot] opatgmail [dot] com (symco[dot]op[at]gmail[dot]com) or visit their website for more information: ​

Grabouw Animal Welfare Society G.A.W.S.

G.A.W.S. works tirelessly within their impoverished communities by educating people who have little to no schooling on pet care, provide sterialization clinics and veterinary care and rescue those poor animals who are starving, sick, abused and unwanted. G.A.W.S. urgently needs volunteers who are preferably pre-vet and/or have experience in the field to come and volunteer with them. Comfortable accommodation and transport to and from work would be provided. Volunteers would gain experience and knowledge in kennel management, grooming and a chance to work with people and animals on the frontlines of desperate poverty and complete ignorance. This is a tangible opportunity to permanently touch the lives of the people living in this community and to bring important health care to their pets. Without a doubt, it would qualify as a life-changing experience.

Contact: adoptionsatgaws [dot] org [dot] za (adoptions[at]gaws[dot]org[dot]za) or visit their Facebook at