AVMA Collections

Single-topic compilations of the information shaping our profession

We know veterinarians. We serve more than 86,000 veterinarians in some capacity every day.

We know you spend long hours enhancing your veterinary skills. You also love to learn, and you wish you had more time to do it.

Let us help. We think we have just the thing for you, and it all starts with the journals you trust (but perhaps haven't had time to read), now brought to you in a completely new way.

Without doubt, the AVMA scientific journals can be heavy reading. For example, the JAVMA provides the foundation for much of our profession's thinking about today's most critical topics. That requires some serious depth.

But a deep resource is not always the handiest reference. How can you make more efficient use of such weighty information?

Let AVMA Collections do the work for you.

AVMA Collections is a monograph series designed to spotlight those articles from the AVMA scientific journals that have the greatest practical application for readers on topics central to our profession.

Far more than a grouping of articles derived from a keyword search, Collections articles are carefully selected by our journal editors to give you the most helpful picture of current knowledge in a given subject area. The table of contents serves as a snapshot, providing you with a topic summary and highlights of each article, with the next level — the articles from which the highlights are derived — readily available for deeper analysis.

AVMA Collections includes the following: