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April 01, 2021

FDA offers listings of clinical studies in regenerative medicine

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Food and Drug Administration officials hope they can help connect veterinarians and animal owners with clinical studies of regenerative medicine in animals.

In February, agency officials began populating a site with information on clinical studies involving the use of animal cells, tissues, and cell- and tissue-based products in veterinary patients. Enrolled animals may be pets or production animals. At press time, the site had listings for studies of stem cell–related treatments for chronic gingivostomatitis in cats, chronic enteropathy in cats, and spina bifida in English Bulldogs.

Puppy and cat

“We are offering this webpage as a resource because we’ve heard from veterinarians and pet owners who are eager to take part in clinical studies and avail their patients and pets of the potential that veterinary regenerative medicine may offer,” an agency announcement states. “Connecting interested pet owners and their veterinary teams with relevant clinical studies also helps sponsors in generating data toward potential FDA approval.”

The site includes information on the species and conditions involved in each investigational study, the products used, and the recruitment and study periods, along with contact information for each product sponsor.