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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to paying veterinarians

JAVMA News talked with a few veterinarians about the pros and cons of existing pay and benefit structures. Some say it’s time for new s...

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The article “Veterinary organizations take diversity- and equity-related action” in the Nov. 1, 2020, issue of JAVMA News, misstated the title of Brian Garish. He is president of Banfield Pet Hospital.

The article “Modified mosquitoes may reduce disease risks for humans, animals” in Nov. 1, 2020, JAVMA News, mistakenly described genetically engineered mosquitoes as gene-edited mosquitoes.

The article “One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to paying veterinarians” in Nov. 15, 2020 JAVMA News, mistakenly gave the title of Veterinary Practice Today for the publication Today’s Veterinary Business.