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October 01, 2020

Two veterinarians, entire AVMA staff receive 2020 President’s Awards

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Dr. John Howe, 2019-20 AVMA president, honored the recipients of his three President’s Awards at the AVMA Virtual Convention 2020 in August. The award recognizes individuals or groups for making a positive impact on health, veterinary organizations, or the profession.

This year’s recipients are Dr. William “Bill” Maher, a retired practitioner in Minnesota; Dr. Clark K. Fobian, an AVMA past president; and the entire staff of the AVMA. Dr. Howe describes here why he chose the recipients.

Dr. Maher
Dr. William “Bill” Maher

Dr. William “Bill” Maher

In recognition and gratitude for the example he set and the encouragement he offered me as a student considering a veterinary career. The professionalism and dedication he had to veterinary medicine, his clients, his patients, and his employees inspired me and challenged me to achieve a rewarding and successful career. Dr. Maher represents the type of mentoring that contributes to the health of the veterinary profession.

Dr. Fobian
Dr. Clark K. Fobian

Dr. Clark K. Fobian

In recognition and gratitude for his commitment to leadership by example and his encouragement for individual involvement in organized veterinary medicine. Because of his stability, consistency, and dedication, his actions have led to a stronger AVMA and have influenced many current and up-and-coming veterinarians.

All AVMA staff members

In recognition and gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the AVMA and its members. From legal representation, communications, marketing, and data collection to the multitude of office-related tasks that make life easier for all involved, these individuals have tirelessly supported the Board of Directors, the House of Delegates, the committees and councils, the executive branch, the membership, and the veterinary medical profession with tireless devotion and dedication. They are the greatest assets of the AVMA.

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