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January 15, 2020

AVMA launches new version of website

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The AVMA has spent a year and a half developing a new version of the Association’s website at avma.org. The new site went live Dec. 4, 2019.

“After several years of service from our previous AVMA website, we recognized that it was time for a new model, one that would enhance our members’ experience with reorganized content, improved searchability, and dynamic design and visuals—ultimately helping us share the important work the profession does,” said Dr. Janet Donlin, AVMA chief executive officer.

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“Throughout the project, we put a strong focus on collecting member feedback and incorporating insights gleaned from website surveys and analytics. This is an exciting time for the AVMA as we work to continue supporting our members and the public through a new and improved web experience.”

Members of the AVMA and other users of the AVMA website will be able to take advantage of the following features and functionality:

  • A new dashboard for AVMA members, upon login, that engages them with their representatives on the AVMA Board of Directors and AVMA House of Delegates and provides direct access to membership links and the latest in AVMA news and policies.
  • Navigation and search tools that help users more easily find the specific information they are looking for, while broadening awareness of AVMA offerings, advocacy, and policy initiatives.
  • Clear visual distinction of member-only content to convey member value for current and prospective members.
  • Landing pages that organize complex topics into content that is easy to scan for specific information.
  • An improved search tool that allows users to sort and filter content on the basis of multiple criteria.

A major goal of the redesign is to improve the findability of information through a re-engineered and user-tested menu system, an updated search function, and new page layouts.

The new website also was built to meet modern guidelines for accessibility of web content, ensuring the site is fully accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities or limited browsing devices.

In the weeks after the December launch, the AVMA continued to update content, address bugs, and refine the organization of information across the site. On an ongoing basis, the AVMA will update content and add technical enhancements to keep the site fresh and relevant for members and the public.