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Dr. Lanusse
Dr. Carlos E. Lanusse
Dr. Chelladurai
Dr. Jeba R.J. Jesudoss Chelladurai
Dr. Pulaski
Dr. Cassan N. Pulaski
Mason Reichard
Mason Reichard, PhD​


Dr. Carithers
Dr. Doug Carithers


Annual meeting, July 7-11, Madison, Wisconsin


The meeting was held in conjunction with the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology and the Livestock Insect Workers Conference.


AAVP–Boehringer Ingelheim Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award
Dr. Carlos E. Lanusse, Tandil, Argentina. A 1982 graduate of the National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province in Tandil, Dr. Lanusse serves as a professor at the university and is director of both the Center for Veterinary Research and the Science and Technology Center of the Argentina National Council of Research at Tandil. His research in veterinary pharmacology has contributed to basic pharmaco-parasitological knowledge about the control of veterinary parasites and has been applied to improve the effectiveness and convenience of antiparasiticides and reduce the effects of anthelmintic resistance.

AAVP-Merck Animal Health Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Dr. Jeba R.J. Jesudoss Chelladurai, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Chelladurai's research has focused on the molecular characterization of the ABC-B gene family in Toxocara canis and on understanding mechanisms of susceptibility and resistance in helminths of veterinary importance. Her other research interests are development of novel antiparasitic drugs, drug mechanisms of action and resistance, molecular and immunological diagnostic techniques, vaccine development, and parasite-host interactions.

AAVP–Companion Animal Parasite Council Graduate Student Award in Zoonotic Disease
Dr. Cassan N. Pulaski, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Pulaski's research is focused on modeling and epidemiology of resistance to macrocyclic lactones in Dirofilaria immitis. Her other research interests are delusional parasitosis and zoonotic filarial infections.


Mason Reichard, PhD, Stillwater, Oklahoma, president; Dr. Doug Carithers, Duluth, Georgia, president-elect; Dr. Adriano Vatta, Richland, Michigan, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. John Gilleard, Calgary, Alberta, immediate past president