New listings in AVMA Animal Health Studies Database

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AVMA Animal Health Studies Database logoBelow are some of the new listings of veterinary clinical studies in the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database. Information about participating in the studies is available in the database.

  • AAHSD004876: "Canine immunoneurotherapeutics brain tumor trial," University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Georgia, Purdue University, and Mississippi State University.
  • AAHSD004890: "Combination Palladia and stereotactic radiation therapy for feline oral squamous cell carcinoma," Colorado State University.
  • AAHSD004891: "Is gut dysbiosis associated with canine idiopathic epilepsy?" North Carolina State University.
  • AAHSD004904: "Ultra-small paramagnetic iron oxide particle MRI for imaging appendicular canine osteosarcoma," Colorado State University.