A pig's limbs with ASF lesions

U.S. braces for African swine fever

As another virus deadly to swine spreads in Asia, swine veterinarians across North America are trying to identify any remaining flaws i...

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  • The article "2+2 programs add up" in the April 15, 2019, issue of JAVMA News misidentified the students in the Yukon Quest photo. The students are Aashni Singh (left) and Roxane Aflalo.
  • The article "'We do one thing, and one thing only'" in the May 1, 2019, issue of JAVMA News misspelled the names of Drs. Lindsay Henschel and Chip Saxton. The article incorrectly stated that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Spay/Neuter Alliance campus has four buildings; it has three. Further, the article should have stated that roughly a thousand people participate annually in the alliance's training programs, not that a total of a thousand people have participated in the programs.