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Published on April 10, 2019
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Dr. Reister
Dr. Brian Reister
Dr. Pielstick
Dr. Leon Pielstick
Dr. Tornquist
Dr. Sue Tornquist


Oregon Veterinary Conference, March 1-3, Corvallis


Veterinary Service Award
The Portland Animal Welfare Team won this award, recognizing an individual, group, or organization promoting the veterinary profession or the well-being of animals. The team provides services to animals belonging to individuals who cannot afford to pay for basic veterinary care. It conducts weekly clinics, offering vaccinations, parasite treatment, medications, food, and supplies. The team also supports surgeries, including dental procedures, mass removal, and amputations.

Animal Welfare Award
Dr. Brian Reister (Kansas State '82), Leaburg. Dr. Reister owns East Lane Veterinary Hospital. He volunteers at a monthly food pantry in Leaburg, where he provides free services and products including examinations, vaccinations, nail trims, and flea control and deworming medications. Dr. Reister also offers no-cost or low-cost services for major issues at his clinic, where he has established an angel fund to help regular clients meet unexpected expenses.

Meritorious Service Award
Dr. Leon Pielstick (Colorado State '73), John Day. Dr. Pielstick is the founder and former owner of Harney County Veterinary Clinic. During his career, he has also served as liaison for the county's animal control and animal shelter. Dr. Pielstick participated in the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife's Bighorn Sheep Capture and Relocation Project. He is a past chair of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Board and a past member of the Oregon VMA's board of directors.

President's Award
Dr. Sue Tornquist (Colorado State '85), Corvallis. Dr. Tornquist is dean and a professor of veterinary pathology at the Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine.


Discussions were held and updates were provided on the issues of compounding and access to office stock; scope of veterinary practice, or laypeople practicing veterinary medicine; oversight of animal rescue groups and the transport of dogs into Oregon; and the Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.


Drs. Connie White, Portland, president; Jay Fineman, Newport, treasurer; and Dr. Amelia Simpson, Portland, immediate past president