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The AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities is seeking members to fill the new CVTEA Selection Committee.

The AVMA Board of Directors established the new committee this past November in an effort to follow best accreditation practices recently established by the AVMA Council on Education, meaning the Board no longer selects most of the members of the CVTEA, the entity responsible for accreditation of veterinary technology programs in the United States.

Now, under the newly formed committee, the appointment of CVTEA members is a shared process between the five-member CVTEA Selection Committee, appointing 16 CVTEA members; the CVTEA, appointing two CVTEA public members; the COE, appointing one member from the COE; and the Canadian VMA, appointing one CVTEA member.

Applications are now being accepted for the CVTEA Selection Committee. The deadline for nominations is Oct. 15. The Board will appoint members at its November meeting.

The committee is looking for candidates with a demonstrated interest in the scope and future of veterinary medicine and the practice of veterinary technology, a basic understanding of the role of accreditation in education, and a willingness to be objective, among other qualifications.

Approximately seven to 10 working days per year are required to devote to committee activities, including at least one annual meeting. Terms are for three years, once renewable, and are staggered in rotation. Volunteers are expected to be responsive to inquiries throughout their term as they arise.

Committee members who are veterinarians must be AVMA members. Committee members who are veterinary technicians must be graduates of a CVTEA-accredited veterinary technology program and be currently licensed, registered, or certified.

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