Delegates send Howe and Bransford to high office

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The AVMA House of Delegates elected Drs. John Howe of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and Grace Bransford of San Anselmo, California, as AVMA president-elect and vice president, respectively, during the regular annual session of the HOD, July 12-13 in Denver.

Dr. Howe
Dr. John Howe
Dr. Bransford
Dr. Grace Bransford

Dr. Howe ran against former AVMA staffer Dr. Angela Demaree to succeed Dr. John de Jong as president-elect.

In his comments to the HOD, Dr. Howe thanked Dr. Demaree for "a well-run campaign," adding, "She really kept me on my toes."

Dr. Howe completed his term as District VII representative on the AVMA Board of Directors this past July. He is a 1977 graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, former owner of a multidoctor mixed animal practice, and an aquatic veterinarian certified by the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association.

"A person does not get to this position by themselves. I've had a lot of people encourage me along the way," Dr. Howe told delegates, and he specifically thanked Dr. Clark Fobian, former AVMA president, for convincing him to run for the AVMA Board.

"That's why I think it's very important that we encourage people to become active in state and national organized VMA," he continued. "We have a lot of hidden leaders in this room, and all it takes is encouragement from us to bring out that hidden leadership and talent and the great things that they have to offer."

The only candidate for AVMA vice president, Dr. Bransford was elected by unanimous consent. As vice president, she will serve a two-year term as the Association's official liaison to the Student AVMA and its chapters. In addition, she is a voting member on the AVMA Board.

"Thank you for giving me this very special opportunity to serve the profession—and what better way than to serve the future of our profession, our students," she said to the HOD. "I'm so excited to work for them and help them however I can."

Veterinary medicine is a second career for Dr. Bransford; she previously worked in advertising and now owns a small animal practice. A 1998 graduate of the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, she has served on several AVMA entities, such as the 20/20 Vision Commission, the Task Force on Governance and Member Participation, and the Council on Veterinary Service.

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