Board makes appointments

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The AVMA Board of Directors, during its June 19-20 meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois, named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. The duration of each term varies.

Animal Welfare Committee

American Association of Bovine Practitioners, primary—Dr. Renee Dewell, Ames, Iowa; American Association of Feline Practitioners, primary—Dr. Nancy Suska, Alexandria, Virginia; American Association of Fish Veterinarians, primary—Dr. Martha Keller, Roswell, New Mexico; state veterinary medical associations, alternate—Dr. Christina Tran, Chandler, Arizona; Veterinary Medical Association Executives, primary—Chris Copeland, Austin, Texas

Committee on Antimicrobials

American Association of Swine Veterinarians, primary—Dr. Jennifer Wishnie, San Luis Obispo, California; AASV, alternate—Dr. Peter Davies, St. Paul, Minnesota

Convention Education Program Committee

Food Animal/Equine Section manager—Dr. Douglas Ensley, Athens, Georgia

Council on Education Selection Committee

At large—Dr. Daryl Buss, Gainesville, Florida

Early Career Development Committee

Faculty advisers—Dr. Lauren Wise, Grenada, West Indies

Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges—Dr. Steven Marks, Raleigh, North Carolina

Legislative Advisory Committee

American Association of Food Safety and Public Health Veterinarians, alternate—Dr. Katherine Waters, Denver

Steering Committee on Human-Animal Interactions

Expert on the impact on the human, primary—Dr. Lynette Hart, Davis, California

AVMA liaison

American Fisheries Society, Fish Health Section—Dr. Myron Kebus, Madison, Wisconsin