New database provides guidance on genetic testing in dogs

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DogWellNet IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs A new database provides guidance on the appropriate selection and use of genetic tests in dogs to support dog owners, dog breeders, veterinarians, and others.

On May 8, the International Partnership for Dogs announced the launch of the database as part of the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs initiative.

According to the IPFD, increasing numbers of new DNA tests and testing laboratories have made choosing good-quality DNA tests and providers challenging. Furthermore, accessing detailed, breed-specific information on genetic traits, including original research and mutation information, is time-consuming and difficult.

The new database is an open-access resource that does the following:

  • Catalogs available genetic tests for hundreds of dog breeds and varieties.
  • Helps consumers make informed choices when buying DNA tests by describing the expertise, quality-assurance activities, and resources of the providers of genetic tests.
  • Describes clinical and genetic information on individual genetic tests and their use.
  • Provides information on the original science and research behind genetic tests.
  • Includes basic guides for consumers on types of tests as well as testing information to aid veterinary professionals in advising clients.

The database features an initial group of 18 providers of genetic tests and more than 300 genetic tests, from parentage and panel tests to disease and diagnostic tests, cataloged by breed and type.

The database is on the IPFD website at

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