Winn Feline Foundation awards $300,000 for research

Published on May 09, 2018

Winn Feline Foundation announced in April that it has awarded $304,071 for 14 grants in feline medical research.

The foundation awarded three grants for research in feline shelter medicine, with funding from PetSmart Charities, as follows:

  • "Protecting foster kittens from infectious diarrhea with a new potential probiotic," Dr. Jody Gookin, North Carolina State University, $25,000.
  • "Understanding immunity to protect cats from distemper (panleukopenia)," Drs. Vanessa Barrs and Julia Beatty, University of Sydney, $24,500.
  • "Evaluating feline coronavirus as a cause of upper respiratory disease in shelter cats," Gary Whittaker, PhD, and Dr. Elizabeth Berliner, Cornell University, $24,307.

The foundation awarded 11 additional grants for research, as follows:

  • "Understanding genetic differences in immunity to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)," Dr. Emi Barker and Christopher Helps, PhD, University of Bristol, $6,400.
  • "Predicting susceptibility to FeLV infection in cats," Elliott Chiu, Colorado State University, $15,000.
  • "Evaluating a new drug therapy for lung cancer in cats," Drs. Alycen Lundberg and Timothy Fan, University of Illinois, $24,998.
  • "Identifying a new biomarker for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats," Drs. Jonathan Stack and Ryan Fries, University of Illinois, $21,900.
  • "Using new approaches to modulate feline leukemia virus infection," Dr. Cheryl Swenson and Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan, PhD, Michigan State University, $24,974.
  • "Understanding how toxoplasmosis develops in cats could lead to new therapies or prevention," Dr. David Arranz Solis and Jeroen Saeij, PhD, University of California-Davis, $17,500.
  • "Examining the effectiveness of a low-cost treatment for oral cancer in cats," Dr. Michael Nolan, North Carolina State University, $23,060.
  • "Investigating a new pain pathway associated with osteoarthritis in cats," Santosh Mishra, PhD, and Dr. Duncan Lascelles, North Carolina State University, $23,560.
  • "Determining feeding behavior in cats to manage weight and obesity," Dr. Andronie Verbrugghe and Anna-Kate Shoveller, PhD, University of Guelph, $24,002.
  • "Evaluating the genetic differences of amyloidosis in Siamese/Oriental and Abyssinian/Somali cats," Dr. Maria Longeri at the University of Milan and Leslie Lyons, PhD, at the University of Missouri, $23,870.
  • "Measuring total cat count in communities," Tyler Flockhart, PhD, University of Maryland, $25,000.