Morris Animal Foundation awards $1M for canine health studies

Published on March 28, 2018
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Morris Animal Foundation announced Feb. 23 that it has awarded nearly $1 million in grants for 11 canine health studies.

The studies are as follows:

  • "Finding ways to block hemangiosarcoma tumor growth," University of Minnesota, $177,316.
  • "Understanding the relationship between intestinal bacteria and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)," University of Melbourne, $135,738.
  • "Exploring the broader application of a new cancer drug," University of Minnesota, $182,807.
  • "Investigating cancers and exposure to environmental chemicals," University of Wisconsin-Madison, $99,383.
  • "Improving stem cell–based therapy for inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases," University of Queensland, $13,189.
  • "Improving blood platelet transfusions," Washington State University, $27,389.
  • "Using advanced imaging to diagnose and monitor spinal cord disease," Cornell University, $66,565.
  • "Understanding metabolic drivers of osteosarcoma tumors," Tufts University, $84,083.
  • "Evaluating a novel adjunct treatment for hemangiosarcoma," University of Minnesota, $100,000.
  • "Improving management of lymphocytic leukemia," Colorado State University, $100,000.
  • "Improving diagnosis and treatment of a severe bleeding disorder," Iowa State University, $10,800.