AVMA supports technician standardization

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The AVMA is backing a campaign to standardize the credentials, scope of practice, and title for U.S. veterinary technicians.

But the Association remains neutral on a campaign goal that the title should be "registered veterinary nurse."

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America is pushing for the changes in legislatures across the U.S. through the Veterinary Nurse Initiative. Standardization and increased public awareness about the credentials possessed by those nurses would aid their careers and elevate practice standards, which would improve patient care and consumer protection, NAVTA information states.

The AVMA Board of Directors voted in November 2017 to support the initiative's standardization goals. An AVMA-NAVTA leadership committee, in its recommendation for that vote, wrote that inconsistent state application requirements, oversight, and regulations can hamper veterinary technicians' ability to change jobs, hold back their profession's development, and confuse even veterinary professionals.

"Changing to one national standard and title could increase mobility, understanding and recognition of roles and responsibilities within the veterinary medical team and community, and increased public understanding of the role that veterinary technicians play in human and animal health," the recommendation states. "These in turn could increase longevity within the profession, improved delegation of duties, and higher remuneration." 

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