AVMA Life adds member advocate position

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Since August, Belkys Llanes has been working for AVMA Life in a newly created position as member advocate.

In her new role, Llanes helps AVMA Life members navigate the complex health care system, a job that includes identifying health coverage options, resolving medical claims, assisting with complex billing questions, and helping members with Medicare issues.

In addition, Llanes works closely with AVMA Life agents and insurance carriers to ensure that enrollee needs are met. 

"The AVMA Life Trust has been diligently investigating how we can help our members with complex medical claims coordination. After years of investigation, there was clearly no support program like this in the health care industry," explained Dr. Carolynn MacAllister, co-chair of AVMA Life's board of trustees.

"I am thrilled that the AVMA Life Trust added a member advocate position to specifically address and help members manage and coordinate health plans and claims," Dr. MacAllister continued. "This initiative by the trustees enhances the member experience with the Trust and provides a high level of satisfaction and serves members, which as trustees is our ultimate goal." 

Llanes spent the past 14 years with AVMA Life's former administrator in sales and agent support before joining the Trust. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor's degree in management information systems.

"I'm excited with the opportunity to work for AVMA Life members in addressing their health insurance inquiries and concerns," Llanes said.

Learn more about Llanes and her work as member advocate for AVMA Life members by visiting www.avmalife.org/advocate.