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Dr. Shipley
Dr. Clifford Shipley
Dr. Migday
Dr. Anita Migday
Dr. Bott
Dr. Isaac Bott

Event: Society for Theriogenology annual conference, Aug. 2-5 in Fort Collins, Colorado
Program: The plenary sessions were "Non-surgical methods for reproductive management of captive and free-ranging wildlife populations" by Cheryl Asa, PhD, sponsored by the American College of Theriogenologists, and "Mongolia Project: Effects of progress upon endangered species" by Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald. An educator's forum, sponsored by the Theriogenology Foundation, provided sessions on "Theriogenology curriculum for every veterinary student: How to determine what's important?" by Dr. Hilari French and "Theriogenology curriculum: Proper item writing" by Dr. John Dascanio. Forty-five scientific abstracts and 48 poster presentations as well as six case presentations by veterinary students were provided during various sessions at the conference.
Awards: David Bartlett Honorary Address: Dr. Clifford Shipley, Urbana, Illinois, presented the address. Dr. Shipley was recognized for his expertise in teaching and research on reproduction. Dr. Shipley is renowned for his clinical expertise in reproduction of pigs, sheep and goats, and cervidae. Dr. John Steiner Award for Excellence in Practice: Dr. Anita Migday, Framingham, Massachusetts. Dr. Migday was recognized for her clinical expertise in reproduction of dogs and cats. She has been a guest expert on companion animal reproduction for numerous radio shows. Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Dr. Tessa Fiamengo, Columbus, Ohio, for "Evaluation of biofilm production by Escherichia coli isolated from clinical cases of canine pyometra," first place ($1,000); Dr. Jamie Stewart, Urbana, Illinois, "Exogenous nerve growth factor-β improves corpus luteum function and enhances conceptus development in cattle," second place ($750); Bryan Blawut, Columbus, Ohio, "Use of hypertonic extender to cryopreserve sauger (Sander canadensis) spermatozoa," third place ($500); and Dr. Raphael Malbrue, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, "Pharmacokinetics of oral micronized progesterone and intravaginal progesterone administration in the bitch," fourth place ($250). Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition: Chun Kuen Mak, National Taiwan University, for "Reproductive failure associated with the co-infection of porcine circovirus type 2 and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus," first place ($650); Kaitlyn McCombs, Auburn University, "Surgical resolution of a papyraceous mummified fetus in a 5-year-old Brahman cow," second place ($525); Brittany Shumack, Auburn University, "Management of a high-risk pregnancy in a Portuguese Water Dog," third place ($450); Jenna Ward, Texas A&M University, "Azoospermia in a stallion caused by a sperm granuloma," fourth place ($375); Sarah Jacobs, University of California-Davis, "Successful medical management of long-term pyometra in a Boston Terrier bitch," fifth place ($300); and Christina Thompson, University of California-Davis, "Nocardioform placentitis in three Thoroughbred mares in Kentucky," sixth place ($200). Student Chapter of the Year Award: University of California-Davis, first place ($1,000 and a banner); Auburn University, second place ($500); and University of Illinois, third place. T-shirt Design Contest, sponsored by Bovine Services: Auburn University, first place ($300), and Washington State University, second place ($100). Student Quiz Bowl, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Oklahoma State University, first place ($300), and Lincoln Memorial University, second place ($100).
Business: The board of directors revisited the strategic plan; efforts will continue to help grow the SFT, with a focus on members and veterinary students. Society for Theriogenology representatives to the AVMA House of Delegates provided valuable insights during discussion prior to adoption of a new AVMA policy, "Inherited Disorders in Responsible Breeding of Companion Animals." The Theriogenology Foundation is continuing its efforts to support veterinary students and residency positions at veterinary colleges. In addition, the Theriogenology Foundation is commencing a collaborative effort on canine genomics, the Working Dog Project, with the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University (see story).
Officials: Drs. Isaac Bott, Elk Ridge, Utah, president; Robyn Wilborn, Lafayette, Alabama, president-elect; Colin Palmer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, vice president; Peter Sheerin, New Freedom, Pennsylvania, immediate past president; and Jill Colloton, Edgar, Wisconsin, secretary-treasurer. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. Kristina Baltutis, Reedsville, North Carolina; Dan Tracy, Fort Collins, Colorado; and Misty Edmondson, Auburn, Alabama. Dr. Andrew Lovelady, Notasulga, Alabama, was appointed to finish the director term of Dr. Colloton.

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