Allender and Lamkin win $10K research award

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Dr. Allender (L) and Ms. Lamkin (R)
Dr. Matt Allender and second-year veterinary student Irini Lamkin.

Mazuri, an exotic animal food company, this July announced it had awarded a $10,000 research grant to Dr. Matt Allender, director of the Wildlife Epidemiology Laboratory at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and second-year veterinary student Irini Lamkin.

The award supports Dr. Allender and Lamkin's research characterizing the microbiome in red-eared slider turtles.

"To have the opportunity to evaluate what effect turtle diets have on the intestinal microbiome allows the whole industry to promote better turtle health," said Dr. Allender. "This award sets Irini up for a successful career by combining both clinical and research experience into bettering the overall health of animals."

Dr. Allender received his DVM degree from the University of Illinois in 2004 and is a diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine.