House approves proposals on convention, treasurer

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The AVMA House of Delegates has approved proposals regarding the host state VMA of the AVMA Convention and regarding the term of the AVMA treasurer.

The House passed the measures during its regular winter session, Jan. 13-14 in Chicago.

Delegates approved a resolution recommending that the AVMA Board of Directors “consider offering financial remuneration and/or other considerations” to the host state VMA of the AVMA Convention.

According to the statement about the resolution: “Each year, the VMA in the state selected for the AVMA Convention is pleased and honored to welcome the AVMA and colleagues from around the country. However, experience demonstrates that the state VMA incurs a negative financial impact on the organization when the AVMA Convention is held in that state. It’s only natural that some veterinarians will opt to spend their limited continuing education budget on a national meeting opportunity when it is occasionally in the veterinarian’s own ‘backyard’, rather than attending the state VMA’s convention that is already familiar to the veterinarian.”

Delegates passed an amendment to the AVMA Bylaws to state that the treasurer shall serve a single six-year term rather than that the treasurer may serve up to six consecutive one-year terms.

Traditionally, the Board has elected the treasurer for six consecutive one-year terms and advertised the availability of the position only every six years. At the Board’s November 2016 meeting, members made the recommendation that, instead, future treasurers would serve a single six-year term. That is the length of time the other Board members serve.

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