Cattle veterinarians honored

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Dr. Riddell
Dr. M. Gatz Riddell
Dr. Schenkels
Dr. Frank Schenkels
Dr. Crosley
Dr. Greg Crosley
Dr. Portillo
Dr. Tom Portillo


Dr. Grotelueschen
Dr. Dale Grotelueschen
Dr. Davidson
Dr. John Davidson
Dr. van Amstel
Dr. Sarel van Amstel
Dr. Sterner
Dr. Keith Sterner


Dr. Panciera
Dr. Roger Panciera
Dr. Wheeler
Dr. Drexel Wheeler
Dr. Garber
Dr. Jonathan Garber

Ten cattle veterinarians were honored for contributions to animal health and organized veterinary medicine.

A veterinary student group and a faculty adviser also were honored, and two cattle veterinarians received awards intended to help them receive continuing education.

The awards were given in September during the American Association of Bovine Practitioners annual conference, hosted this year in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. M. Gatz Riddell (Kansas State ’77) of Auburn, Alabama, received the Amstutz-Williams Award, the AABP’s highest honor, bestowed only when a highly qualified individual is nominated and selected, for outstanding service to the veterinary profession. Dr. Riddell has been AABP executive vice president since 2005 and the association’s alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates.

The award is named in honor of the distinguished service by Dr. Harold E. Amstutz, who had been the AABP secretary-treasurer and executive vice president, and Dr. Eric I. Williams, who had been editor of The Bovine Practitioner and the AABP meeting proceedings books.

Dr. Frank Schenkels (Guelph ’86) of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, received the AABP Bovine Practitioner of the Year Award. The award, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., is given to veterinarians who are active in organized veterinary medicine and who have made substantial contributions to bovine medicine.

Drs. Greg Crosley (Purdue ’79) of Somerset, Michigan, and Tom Portillo (Colorado State ’97) of Amarillo, Texas, received the Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine awards, which are awarded for developing outstanding preventive medicine programs. Dr. Crosley received the award for dairy practice, and Dr. Portillo received it for beef practice.

Dr. Dale Grotelueschen (Missouri ’74) of Harvard, Nebraska, received the AABP Award of Excellence. The award is given to veterinarians in teaching, research, industry, or government for work that has had consistent and direct positive influences on veterinarians’ daily activities in bovine practice.

Dr. John Davidson (Texas A&M ’01) of Shiner, Texas, received the Zoetis Distinguished Service Award in honor of work to promote AABP goals and accomplishments that provide a model of service to bovine agriculture through organized veterinary medicine.

Dr. Sarel van Amstel (Pretoria ’66) of Knoxville, Tennessee, received the Merck Animal Health Mentor of the Year Award. The award is given to AABP members who have been in veterinary medicine at least 25 years and been advisers and role models to preveterinary students, veterinary students, or both.

Drs. Keith Sterner (Michigan State ’69) of Ionia, Michigan, and Roger Panciera (Oklahoma State ’53) of Stillwater, Oklahoma, were inducted into the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame. Dr. Sterner was honored for work in dairy practice, and Dr. Panciera for work in beef practice. The AABP, Academy of Veterinary Consultants, Bovine Veterinarian publication, Merck Animal Health, and Osborn Barr agency sponsor the hall of fame entries.

Dr. Drexel Wheeler (Tennessee ’82) of Cornwall, Vermont, received the Dairy Quality Assurance Veterinarian of the Year award. The award from Merial and the Milk and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Center honors veterinarians for work with cattle producers to implement quality management practices.

The AABP student chapter at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine was honored with the AABP Student Chapter Award for its activities and involvement.

Dr. Theresa Ollivett (Cornell ’04), the AABP student chapter faculty representative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, received the association’s Faculty Advisor award for her activities and mentorship.

Two veterinarians also received the AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Award, named for an AgriLabs technical services veterinarian who was committed to practical and formal continuing education for veterinarians. The $5,000 awards are given each year to two veterinarians—one each in beef and dairy practices—who have graduated from veterinary college within the past 10 years and provide plans for continuing education.

The 2016 winners are Dr. J.D. Folsom (Oklahoma State ’15) of Rexburg, Idaho, who works with beef cattle, and Dr. Jonathan Garber (Pennsylvania ’07) of Seymour, Wisconsin, who works with dairy cattle.