Postage stamps celebrate pets

Published on July 13, 2016
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The U.S. Postal Service is issuing the Pets Forever set of stamps in August to celebrate pets.

To mark the first day of issue, the USPS is holding an Aug. 2 event at the World Pet Association’s Superzoo convention in Las Vegas—and including the AVMA message of responsible pet ownership in the program.

The stamp set features 20 photographs of animals by Eric Isselée. The animals are a puppy, a betta fish, an iguana, a hamster, a goldfish, a parrot, a guinea pig, a tortoise, a rabbit, a kitten, a corn snake, a mouse, a hermit crab, a chinchilla, a gerbil, a dog, a pair of parakeets, a horse, a cat, and a gecko.

Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamps. “The goal was to capture the essence of each animal,” she said in an announcement. “There’s no need for special effects. The animals speak for themselves. I love the variety of shapes, colors, textures, and facial expressions.”

The USPS is issuing the set as forever stamps, which are always equal in value to the current price for first-class mail weighing up to 1 ounce.