Aug. 15 is Check the Chip Day

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The AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association are marking Check the Chip Day on Aug. 15 to encourage pet owners to have pets microchipped and to keep the registration information up to date with the microchip manufacturer. With support from microchip manufacturer HomeAgain, the associations have developed materials to promote the event.

One resource is a flier that allows a veterinarian to fill in a pet’s name, microchip number, and date of check. The flier lists the websites of microchip manufacturers that participate in the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool as well as the tool’s website. The tool helps pet owners who do not know where a pet’s microchip is registered.

Members of the AVMA also have access to a toolkit for Check the Chip Day. The toolkit offers stress-free ways to observe the event, posts and images for social media, a sample proclamation for a town’s mayor or state’s governor, and a sample press release.

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