AVMA offers brochure on pet first aid

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The AVMA has developed a new brochure that covers the basics of pet first aid.

The brochure starts by advising, “Always remember that any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinary care. First aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet’s life until he/she receives veterinary treatment.”

The main section of the brochure has the following headings:

  • For your safety.
  • If your pet is choking.
  • If your pet is not breathing.
  • If your pet has no heartbeat.
  • If your pet is poisoned.
  • If your pet is having seizures.
  • If your pet is injured.
  • If your pet’s wound is bleeding.
  • If your pet is burned.
  • If your pet has heatstroke.
  • If your pet is bitten by a snake.

Other sections provide a form to fill in emergency information and a checklist for a pet first-aid kit.

The “Pet First Aid” brochure is available here. The PDF version is downloadable for free. The print version is available to order via the same website or by calling (800) 248-2862, ext. 6669.