Association appoints directors of finance, animal welfare

Published on March 30, 2016
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The AVMA has appointed Joann Vocalino as director of the Finance and Business Services Division and Dr. Cia Johnson as director of the Animal Welfare Division. 

​ Joann Vocalino (Photos by R. Scott Nolen) Dr. Cia Johnson

Vocalino worked in the banking industry before joining the AVMA in 1996 as an accountant. She went on to become a senior accountant, finance and accounting manager, and assistant director of finance. 

Among her recent accomplishments, Vocalino developed and managed a project to revise the entire chart of accounts to meet new financial reporting requirements and depict the progress on key performance indicators. She also developed and managed the deliverables of a comprehensive, 60-page monthly financial report that represents multiple levels of financial data. In 2014, she earned a Certificate in Strategic Management from DePaul University.

In late 2015, Vocalino became director of the Finance and Business Services Division. She said the division’s main focus is helping implement the strategic operating plan. 

“I am developing an improved budget and financial analysis process,” she continued. “This includes detailed financials that incorporate metrics and comparison data that will aid in the decision-making process.”

With a family background of working with livestock and horses, Dr. Johnson earned her veterinary degree and her master’s degree in animal science from the University of Missouri. After completing her veterinary degree in 2009, she became an assistant director in the AVMA Animal Welfare Division.

She is proud of the steps that the AVMA has taken recently to stop soring in show horses, the infliction of pain to create an exaggerated gait. She said, “Several staff members have been involved in this initiative, and we continue to press forward.” She also is proud of the AVMA’s role in the expansion and maturation of the Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging/Assessment Contest.

In early 2016, Dr. Johnson became director of the Animal Welfare Division. Among the division’s current priorities are drafting guidelines for depopulation, working on projects relating to education in animal welfare, and assisting the Animal Welfare Committee with planning sessions for the AVMA Annual Convention. 

Dr. Johnson succeeds Dr. Gail Golab, who now leads the Advocacy and Public Policy Strategic Business Unit. The unit comprises the Governmental Relations Division, Animal Welfare Division, Division of Animal and Public Health, and State Relations Department.