House of Delegates will reach out to AVMA members by email

Published on February 10, 2016
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Representatives of state VMAs in the AVMA House of Delegates soon will be reaching out to AVMA members by email.

During the regular winter session of the House, Jan. 9 in Chicago, delegates adopted a resolution recommending that the AVMA Board of Directors establish a system to allow direct, two-way communication via email between representatives of state VMAs and the AVMA members residing in the respective states. The House Advisory Committee submitted the resolution, and the Board had recommended approval.

The resolution was a response to concerns that because not all AVMA members are also members of their state VMAs, representatives of state VMAs in the House might not be reaching all AVMA members in their state.

The statement about the resolution indicates that the intent is to increase communication between AVMA members and their AVMA representatives, facilitate scanning for professional issues by delegates, and allow for immediate and direct communication from AVMA members to AVMA leadership.

The plan is for delegates of state VMAs to email AVMA members in the respective states up to twice per year with information relevant to AVMA and the state association. In addition, after the regular winter session of the House and the regular annual session every summer, the AVMA will send special editions of the AVMA@Work electronic newsletter to provide session summaries along with email addresses for members’ state VMA and Board representatives.