Veterinary emergency, critical care groups hold symposium

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Dr. Devey
Dr. Jennifer Devey
Dr. Rush
Dr. John E. Rush
Dr. Palmer
Dr. Jon Palmer
Dr. Smart
Dr. Lisa Smart


Dr. Drobatz
Dr. Ken Drobatz
Dr. Reineke
Dr. Erica Reineke
Dr. Lane
Dr. Selena Lane
Dr. Morgera
Dr. Alison Morgera


Dr. Mitek
Dr. Ashley Mitek
Dr. Jarrett
Dr. Melanie Jarrett
Dr. Smith
Dr. Josh Smith
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Dr. Short
Dr. Charles Short
Dr. Weaver
Dr. Barbara Weaver
Dr. Mama
Dr. Khursheed Mama
Dr. Smith
Dr. Lesley Smith

Event: 21st International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium, Sept. 18-22, 2015, Washington, D.C.
Program: This year’s symposium, conducted jointly by the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society, American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians, focused on respiratory critical care. Continuing education offerings included lecture tracks, research abstracts and posters, a practice management program, wet and dry labs, and workshops. Reviews were provided of respiratory pathophysiology, ventilation of critical patients, immunopathogenesis of sepsis, and biomarkers of critical care as well as analgesia and anesthesia topics such as ventilator induced lung injury, anesthesia for patients with co-existing disease conditions, chronic pain management, and new concepts in anesthesia monitoring. Discussions were held on oxygen therapy, emergency patient triage, CPR, fluid therapy, acid-base and electrolyte issues in nursing care, and the unique issues related to the use and care of service dogs. Also on offer were papers on a variety of cardiology topics; a pain management session; case studies of trauma surgery emergencies and case-based discussions on trauma and surgical emergencies; presentations on the mechanisms of respiratory disease, acute lung injury, and sepsis; special sessions on ARDS comparative medicine and diagnostic modalities and imaging; and advanced sessions on coagulopathy, sepsis, resuscitation, and damage control surgery. Dr. Jonathan Sevransky, Emory University, presented the Knowles Memorial Keynote Lecture, “Prevention of ARDS.” The symposium served as the venue for the annual meetings of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Anesthesia and Analgesia, Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care Foundation, and International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.
Awards: Ira M. Zaslow VECCS Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Jennifer Devey, Saanichton, British Columbia. A 1988 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Devey serves as an emergency and critical care specialist and consultant with veterinary hospitals in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. She is a diplomate of the ACVECC. Hill’s Dr. Jack Mara ACVECC Achievement Award: Dr. John E. Rush, Westborough, Massachusetts, for his work relating to clinical cardiology. A 1984 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Rush is a professor of cardiology at Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. From 1998-2003, he served as section head of the school’s Emergency and Critical Care Service. Dr. Rush is a diplomate of the ACVECC and American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (cardiology), also serving currently as president of the college’s cardiology specialty. T. Douglas Byars Equine Emergency & Critical Care Educator of the Year: Dr. Jon Palmer, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. A 1977 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Palmer is an associate professor of medicine, director of perinatology and neonatology programs, and chief of the neonatal intensive care service at the university’s New Bolton Center. He is a diplomate of the ACVIM. ACVECC Research Grant Award ($9,990): Dr. Lisa Smart, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia, for “A comparison of hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 and 4% succinylated gelatine on acute kidney injury in a canine shock model.” VECCF Research Grant Award ($9,999.90): Drs. Ken Drobatz and Erica Reineke, University of Pennsylvania, for “DECYST TRIAL: A multicenter study evaluating decompressive cystocentesis for treatment of feline urethral obstruction.” Small Animal Resident Abstract Award, sponsored by Zoetis: A $500 stipend was awarded to Dr. Selena Lane, University of Georgia, for “Formulation of a predictive model to correct blood glucose concentrations obtained using a veterinary point-of-care glucometer in hemodilute and hemoconcentrated feline blood samples.” Large Animal Resident Abstract Award, sponsored by Mila International: A $500 stipend was awarded to Dr. Alison Morgera, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, for “Leukoreduction of equine whole blood using a commercially available filter diminishes storage injury.” ACVAA Resident Abstract Award, sponsored by Smiths Medical and Surgivet: First place, small animal—Dr. Ashley Mitek, University of Illinois-Urbana, for “Development and standardization of internal tracheal diameter cervical vertebral length ratios in Dachshunds, Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Boxers, and Pugs”; large animal—Dr. Melanie Jarrett, North Carolina State University, for “Recovery of horses from general anesthesia following induction with either propofol or midazolam followed by ketamine.” Case Report Award: A stipend of $300 was awarded to Dr. Josh Smith, Cornell University, for “Optic nervous breakdown.” Technician Case Report Award, sponsored by Hill’s: A stipend of $300 was awarded to Tinika Gillespie, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, for “Anesthetic management of a foal undergoing an emergency exploratory laparotomy.”

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

Business: The board approved the implementation of an online continuing education program through the World Veterinary Association, an increase in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care page budget, recognition at IVECCS of VECCS legacy members (members for 10 years or longer), establishment of a Practice Manager-of-the-Year Award at IVECCS in 2016, and a memorandum of understanding with the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (with minor edits). The board also endorsed an application to establish a Veterinary Technician Specialty Academy of Transfusion Medicine. It was announced that membership numbers and finances were strong, the society now certifies 18 level 1 and 16 level 2 facilities.
Officials: Dr. Scott Johnson, Austin, Texas, president; Dr. Robert Messenger, Charlotte, North Carolina, president-elect; Dr. Cole Taylor, Leesburg, Virginia, treasurer; Kenichiro Yagi, Los Altos, California, recording secretary; Dr. Marie Kerl, Columbia, Missouri, immediate past president; Dr. Gary Stamp, San Antonio, executive director; and members-at-large—Drs. Diana Hassel, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Steven Epstein, Davis, California

American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Program: The ACVECC conducted its certification examination and held its annual business meeting.
New diplomates: Thirty-eight individuals passed the certification examination. They are as follows:

Laura B. Ateca, Philadelphia
Maike Bachmann, Louisville, Kentucky
Lisa J. Bazzle, Athens, Georgia
Tara J. Bellis, Copthorne, England
Andrea Brodeur, Woodridge, New Jersey
Melissa C. Bucknoff, Pacifica, California
Amanda A. Cavanagh, Fort Collins, Colorado
Dava Cazzolli, Bronx, New York
Raffaella Corsi, Seattle
Emily J. Cottam, Hamilton, New York
Kristen M. Datte, Parma, Michigan
Rebecca K. Davies, Wayland, Massachusetts
Thomas H. Edwards, Okinawa, Japan
Natashia A. Evans, Columbus, Ohio
Jethro M. Forbes, Milford, Connecticut
Michelle A. Fulks, Tucson, Arizona
Joana B. Goic, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Dara L. Gottlieb, Woodmere, New York
Rachel Halpin, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
Lauren V. Harris, Tampa, Florida
Itzik Lenchner, Rehovot, Israel
Alex Lynch, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
Valerie Madden, Calgary, Alberta
Jodi McKenna, Los Angeles
Irma J. Nobles, Tampa, Florida
Alexandra Pfaff, Dedham, Massachusetts
Sarah Purcell, Perth, Western Australia
Jean V. Rubanick, Harker Heights, Texas
Emily Sachs, Portland, Oregon
Andre Shih, Newberry, Florida
Tara A. Sime, Roseville, Minnesota
Giacomo Stanzani, Hatfield, England
Yu Ueda, Davis, California
Karie Vander Werf, Palm City, Florida
Emilee C. Venn, Harker Heights, Texas
Molly A. Weingarten, Washington, D.C.
Jennifer Willey, San Marcos, California
Virginie Wurlod, Pully, Switzerland

Officials: Drs. Elizabeth Rozanski, North Grafton, Massachusetts, president; Elisa Mazzaferro, Stamford, Connecticut, president-elect; Benjamin Brainard, Athens, Georgia, vice president; Scott Shaw, Windsor, Connecticut, treasurer; Armelle de Laforcade, North Grafton, Massachusetts, executive secretary; Timothy Hackett, Fort Collins, Colorado, immediate past president; and regents—Drs. Barbara Dallap-Schaer, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania; Amy Carr, Murrieta, California; Lisa L. Powell, St. Paul, Minnesota; Karl E. Jandrey, Davis, California; Garret Pachtinger, Levittown, Pennsylvania; and Justine Lee, St. Paul, Minnesota

Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians

Program: The 18th certification examination was conducted. The academy also held a pinning ceremony and reception for the class of 2014.
Business: Committee reports were presented, and strategic plans for coming years were discussed. The academy released an updated mission statement. Andrea Steele, Guelph, Ontario, was named AVECCT Specialty Technician of the Year. Steele works at the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre. She is immediate past president of the academy.
Officials: Trish Farry, Brisbane, Australia, president; Amy Breton, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, president-elect; Ken Yagi, San Jose, California, treasurer; Angela Randels, Chandler, Arizona, executive secretary; Andrea Steele, Guelph, Ontario, immediate past president; and members-at-large—David Liss, South Pasadena, California; Christine Slowiak, Napa, California; and Louise O’Dwyer, Manchester, England

American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia

Program: Thirty-two abstracts and seven posters were presented. Drs. John Ludders, Cornell University, and Matt McMillan, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, presented “Errors in anesthesia,” and Drs. Pedro Boscan and Kanawee Warrit, Colorado State University, presented “Prospective assessment of 885 anesthetized dogs: risk factors, complications, management.” Dr. Goran Hedenstierna, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, delivered “Lung Collapse During Anesthesia” and “Mechanisms of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury.” Lecturing on one-lung ventilation were Drs. Joao Soares, Virginia Tech; Luisito Pablo, Auburn University; Francesco Staffieri, University of Bari, Bari, Italy; and Peter Pascoe, University of California-Davis. Dr. Dorothy Brown, University of Pennsylvania, spoke on the mechanism and management of chronic pain, and Dr. Lois Wetmore, Tufts University, lectured on the pharmacogenetics of opioids. Lectures were also given on monitoring respiratory mechanics during anesthesia and mechanical ventilation, monitoring and managing the respiratory system in anesthetized animals, and pulmonary atelectasis during anesthesia. Labs were held on small animal local anesthetic techniques and advanced anesthetic monitoring. Dr. Charles Short, Knoxville, Tennessee, was the inaugural recipient of the ACVAA Career Achievement Award. A 1958 graduate of the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Short is professor emeritus of anesthesiology and pain management at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He is known for his expertise on the pharmacology of anesthetic and analgesic agents. Dr. Short is a founding member of the ACVAA and IVAPM. Dr. Barbara Weaver, North Somerset, England, was recognized as an honorary diplomate. A 1949 graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, Dr. Weaver taught veterinary anesthesia at the University of Bristol, Bristol, England, prior to retirement. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Association of Veterinary Anesthetists. ACVAA Foundation travel grants were awarded to Drs. Pen Ting Liao, Ontario Veterinary College, and Michael Lovasz, The Ohio State University
New diplomates: Thirteen new diplomates were welcomed into the ACVAA. They are as follows:

Ludovica Chiavaccini, Davis, California
Jill S. Coats, Las Vegas
Katherine Cummings, Columbus, Ohio
Ana del Alamo Foster, Corvallis, Oregon
Gregg Griffenhagen, Fort Collins, Colorado
Stefania Grasso, Montreal
Martin Kennedy, Newport, Kentucky
Nicole Karrasch, Washington, D.C.
Stephanie Kleine, Athens, Georgia
Christopher Norkus, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
Dianna Ovbey, Pittsburgh
Monique Pare, Philadelphia
Caitlin Tearney, Denver

Business: It was reported that the journal Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia was ranked 25th of 129 veterinary science publications. The panel of diplomates who helped determine the passing score for the written examination were thanked, as were members of the college who participated in the 2015 job analysis survey. The Residency Training Committee’s proposals for supplemental educational opportunities and the financial status of the college were discussed. Nominees for president-elect, executive secretary, and two seats on the board of directors were announced, and additional nominations were requested.
Officials: Drs. Khursheed Mama, Fort Collins, Colorado, president; Lesley Smith, Madison, Wisconsin, president-elect; Lydia Donaldson, Middleburg, Virginia, executive secretary; and Bruno Pypendop, Davis, California, immediate past president

Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Anesthesia and Analgesia

Program: The certification examination was conducted.
Officials: Kristin Cooley, Madison, Wisconsin, president; Kim Spelts, Colorado Springs, Colorado, president-elect; Lynette DeGouff, Cortland, New York, treasurer; Sharon Johnston, Statham, Georgia, executive secretary; Darci Palmer, Corvallis, Oregon, immediate past president; and members-at-large—Jody Nugent-Deal, Davis, California; Lindsey Howard, Louisville, Kentucky; and Brenda Feller, Fort Myers, Florida

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation

Program: The foundation hosted its second annual K9 ER Care and CPR Course. More than 60 first responders, search-and-rescue personnel, police officers, and CIA and FBI employees attended the all-day course that included hands-on instruction and lectures on anatomy, bandaging and wound management, CPR in the field, exposure to toxins, and common traumas. The foundation also raised $12,000 to cover some of the costs associated with the K9 ER Care and CPR Course and for the Dougie Fund for Disaster Relief, established in honor of past VECCF board member, the late Dr. Dougie MacIntire. Dr. Lorna Lanman, representing the foundation, met with the Alexandria Animal Welfare League to help guide its disaster preparedness plan for the city.
Officials: Alyce D’Amato, Appleton, Wisconsin, president; Dr. Deborah Silverstein, Philadelphia, secretary; Dr. Gary Stamp, San Antonio, treasurer-administrator; and Dr. Bill Smith, Seale, Alabama, immediate past president

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

Program: The academy coordinated several pain management sessions. Dr. Jamie Gaynor, Frisco, Colorado, presented a review on pain and lectured on analgesia in emergency patients. Also held was an expert panel discussion on integrating pain medicine into private practice. The first Pet Pain Awareness Month was launched at the symposium and will be held every September going forward.
Business: An overview of the academy’s activities and future initiatives and goals was provided.
Officials: Nancy Shaffran, Erwinna, Pennsylvania, president; Dr. James Berry, Fredericton, New Brunswick, president-elect; Dr. Douglas Stramel, Carrollton, Texas, treasurer; Mary Ellen Goldberg, Boynton Beach, Florida, executive secretary; and Dr. Bonnie Wright, Fort Collins, Colorado, immediate past president