Seven cattle veterinarians honored as clinicians, mentors, leaders

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Dr. Lewis
Dr. Stephen D. Lewis
Dr. Nydam
Dr. Daryl V. Nydam
Dr. Hentschl
Dr. Arnold F. Hentschl
Dr. Rogers
Dr. Glenn Rogers


Dr. Smith
Dr. David Smith
Dr. Stevens
Dr. Elliot T. Stevens
Dr. Christianson
Dr. Dean Christianson

Seven veterinarians were honored for their work as clinicians, mentors, and leaders in veterinary medicine and cattle industries.

Leaders of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and veterinarian colleagues presented the awards during the AABP’s annual conference, this year hosted Sept. 17-19 in New Orleans. The AABP, the AABP Foundation, Merck Animal Health, Zoetis, Cargill, and AgriLabs also together presented about $300,000 through 56 scholarships and awards during the meeting.

Dr. Stephen D. Lewis of Canyon, Texas, received the Boehringer Ingelheim Bovine Practitioner of the Year Award. He was described during the award presentation as a mentor and as a leader in veterinary associations as well as a person whose words command attention.

Dr. Daryl V. Nydam, an associate professor at Cornell University, received the 2015 Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine—Dairy Award. He was described as a beloved mentor and a practical researcher.

Dr. Arnold F. Hentschl of Harbor Beach, Michigan, received the 2015 Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine—Beef Award. He was described as the go-to veterinarian of Michigan’s beef industry following 60 years at the same practice and 49 as an AABP member, as well as an active participant in organized veterinary medicine.

Dr. Glenn Rogers of Aledo, Texas, received the Zoetis Distinguished Service Award. He was honored as a passionate servant, leader, and mentor in the beef industry.

Dr. David Smith, a professor at Mississippi State University, received the AABP Award of Excellence. He was honored as the expert consulted by the experts as well as a presenter and researcher dedicated to eradicating cattle disease.

Dr. Elliot T. Stevens of Lincoln, Nebraska, a clinical research manager for Zoetis, received the James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders. He was described as an energetic and dedicated leader who was helping build the AABP membership.

Dr. Dean Christianson of Ashley, North Dakota, received the Merck Animal Health Mentor-of-the-Year Award. He was described as a smart rural practitioner who tries to instill knowledge in those he teaches.

Two veterinarians also were inducted into the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame during the meeting. Dr. Gary Rupp of Oak, Nebraska, was honored for his work in beef industries, and Dr. Jenks Britt of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was honored for his work in dairy industries.