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Rumors of the demise of the extension veterinarian

No one knows exactly how many extension veterinarians there are, although they always have been few in number.

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The article “Report predicts increase in starting salaries” in the Oct. 1, 2015, issue of JAVMA News, pages 720-721, gave two inaccurate figures. The mean starting salary for veterinarians in the food animal–predominant sector was approximately $68,000 in 2014, not $73,000. The latter is the figure for the food animal–exclusive sector. The mean starting salary in mixed practice was approximately $63,000 in 2014, not $64,000.

The name of Dr. C.R. Donham, who served as AVMA editor-in-chief on an interim basis from 1951-1952, was misspelled on page 701 of an Oct. 1, 2015, JAVMA centennial feature.

The obituary for Dr. Benson B. Martin Jr. in the Oct. 15, 2015, issue of JAVMA News, pages 875-876, incorrectly states that he was a Navy veteran of the Korean War. Dr. Martin served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.