American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 21-24, 2014, St. Louis
Awards: Outstanding Resident-Authored Paper Award: Dr. Chelsea Kunst, Michigan State University, for “Computed tomographic (CT) identification of dysplasia and progression of osteoarthritis in dog elbows previously assigned orthopedic foundation for animals (OFA) grade 0 and 1.” Outstanding Oral Presentation by a Resident: Dr. Stacy Cooley, Cornell University, for “Ultrasonographic measurement of the optic nerve sheath diameter in horses”; Dr. Beth Biscoe, Washington State University, for “Comparison of sonoelastography and ultrasound to detect and monitor experimentally-induced deep digital flexor tendinitis in the equine forelimb”; and Dr. Kelsey Pohlmann, Colorado State University, for “Survival in dogs with stage 4 nasal tumors treated with streotactic body radiation therapy.” Outstanding Poster Presentation by a Resident: Dr. Samantha Loeber, Colorado State University, for “Incorporation of FDG PET/CT into radiation therapy planning to improve treatment of canine nasal tumors”; and Dr. Layla Shaikh, University of Georgia, for “Imaging the canine spine with space, a 3D T2-weighted spin echo sequence with variable flip angle refocusing”
New diplomates: Thirty-four new diplomates were welcomed into the ACVR. They are as follows:

Anna Adrian, Six Mile Bottom, United Kingdom
Joseph Amory, Raleigh, North Carolina
James Atherton, New York
Elizabeth Biscoe, Flower Mound, Texas
Alexandra Bratton, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jennifer Gambino, Starkville, Mississippi
Lindsey Gilmour, College Station, Texas
Nedra Guckert, Exeter, New Hampshire
Elyshia Hankin, Washington, D.C.
Joshua Hobbs, North Bethesda, Maryland
Seamus Hoey, Zurich
Laura Hoyt, New York
Katherine Kerrigan, Princeton, New Jersey
Stephanie Knapp, Raleigh, North Carolina
Alexandre Le Roux, New York
Britany Lindl, Sacramento, California
Ellie Nuth, Fircrest, Washington
Julien Olive, Annecy, France
Matthew Paek, Laurel, Maryland
Reynsen Shigemoto, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Kate Sippel, Perrysburg, Ohio
Swan Specchi, Vergato, Italy
Dainna Stelmach, Salt Lake City
Nathan Tong, Davis, California
Ruth Van Hatten, Ithaca, New York
Andrea Weissman, Red Bank, New Jersey
Jackie Williams, Madison, Wisconsin
Lesley Zwicker, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Radiation Oncology
Gregory Almond, Auburn, Alabama
Neil Christensen, Madison, Wisconsin
Lynn Griffin, Fort Collins, Colorado
Heather Lasher, Delaware, Ohio
Charles Maitz, Columbia, Missouri
Nicholas Rancilio, West Lafayette, Indiana

Officials: Drs. Elizabeth Watson, Key West, Florida, president; Silke Hecht, Knoxville, Tennessee, president-elect; Monique Mayer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, president of Radiation Oncology; Thomas Nyland, Davis, California, secretary; Ronald Burk, Naples, Florida, treasurer; and Anthony Pease, East Lansing, Michigan, immediate past president